Dog Exercise Pens Are An Attractive Option

For many people, dog exercise pens are the answer to their dreams. It allows them to have their Pug get some fresh air without having to invest in expensive fencing for their yard. If this is the route that you take you want to make sure that the exercise pen that you buy is big enough to let your Pug move around and high enough that he can’t jump out. Also make sure that you realize that your Pug will need more activity than they are going to get in the pen.

We are not in favor of unsupervised “pen time”. And we are not in favor of extended periods of keeping your Pug contained. That really is not fair to your dog. However, it is a way to keep your Pug contained outside in the fresh air and that’s a good thing. We know a lot of people who put their Pug in the pen during meal time outside in the summer and giving their dog a little treat so that he isn’t walking around and begging for food while people are trying to enjoy their meal.

For those who have the resources, dog fences have become state of the art and, in most cases, the term refers to an electronic method of containing your Pug.

Dog Exercise Pens are nice but check out what an "invisible fence" can do for you.

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