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Seven Secrets to a Happy Pug

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The foundation to a successful training program and the three things every training program must have!

How to satisfy their constant hunger!

How to stop annoying behaviors like begging from the table.

The key questions to ask any breeder.

Why your veterinarian needs to have Pug experience and why this dog needs special care.

What to look for in a dog food and how to read a dog food label.

Foods you should never give your Pug.

The one thing your Pug wants most out of life.

You’ll find yourself referring to your Free Pug Report, Seven Secrets to a Happy Pug, again and again. We’ll share the fascinating history of this breed including Napoleon Bonaparte’s fateful encounter with Fortune, Josephine’s Pug who was prepared to fight off the world famous military leader. You’ll become a knowledgeable shopper when you look for the services of a breeder or veterinarian or go to buy dog food or a treat for your Pug. We’ll give you important safety information to make your residence safer for your little friend. Our travel safety tips are equally important and one of them can actually save your Pug’s life.

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