Dog Names Are Very Personal - Take Your Time In Choosing A Name For Your Pug

Almost any library will have a book containing a list of dog names. Naming your dog can cause a thought and elimination process almost as complex as choosing a name for a child. Naming your Pug is not a subject to be taken lightly. When people name a child many consider family history and names are repeated from one generation to another. Often a person’s middle name reflects some part of the family heritage.

Certainly in the pure bred dog arena this practice is common as well. Indeed, when buying a pure bred pug, or any other breed, the genealogy is something that you will want to check out and document carefully. In this case the dog names help identify the lineage so it becomes critical in determining the genealogy of your little pooch.

Indeed, if you research the history of this breed you will find they were a favorite of royalty. This "regal connection" was popular in Europe but actually dates back to ancient China. It is not unusual to find a little hint of "royalty" in a Pug's official breeder name.

Pugs are a fun breed and we think their name should reflect that. They’re very cute and playful and have one of the most interesting personalities of any breed. Choosing their name should be a carefully thought out process. After all, that’s the name you both are going to live with hopefully for a long time.

There are so many possibilities to naming a Pug that it’s hard to know where to start. There are probably as many dog naming stories as there are dogs. The really great thing is that the name only has to make sense to you! If you think it’s a perfect name – it is!

For our Pug there were conversations about different names for a number of weeks. He was at the breeder and we were visiting him until he was ready to come home. What would be a good name? We found out that dog names are highly personal and it wasn’t easy to find something that would be pleasing to all. Everyone agreed it should be a unique name.

Did you know that the word “pug” is a slang word for a fighter? The “science” of boxing is called pugilism. A fighter or boxer is called a pugilist and the shortened version is “pug”. I plead guilty to being the one to suggest boxer’s names for our Pug. It couldn’t be a common name like “Rocky” either. No, it had to be a unique name. We all thought it was undesirable to come across someone else’s dog who had the same name as yours. That was just our personal preference.

So what did we name our cute little Pug? Floyd. He was named after Floyd Patterson who had just passed away and was my favorite boxer since I was 8 years old. He was a gentle, religious man if such a person in a brutal sport could exist. He actually picked some fighters up after he knocked them down! So our little Pug became Floyd. It fits him too. He is very lovable when he’s with people he knows but the moment a stranger comes to the door the little twenty pounder springs into action and barks up a storm. That’s Floyd!

It just goes to prove one thing: all dog names have a history of their own. Many times the stories reflect the fact that so many of us just love Pugs!

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Most Pug owners have a story to tell. After all, there are a lot of dog names to choose from but only some are "true" Pug names. Almost all of them have an interesting story behind it. What's yours??

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