Pug Merchandise Makes The Perfect Gift

Pug merchandise is becoming very popular. You can find their cute little faces on just about anything you can think of. Since Pug owners are so passionate about their little friends, it’s no wonder that a gift with a picture of their favorite breed of dog is so well received. In fact, in the age of digital photography, it has become easier to do this and you can give a very unique gift with an image of that special Pug.

But you don’t need to have a picture or digital image to give the gift of the Pug. There are hundreds of items that you can choose from. Pug merchandise is getting more and more popular. On this page we’ll link to some of our favorites by category. Since we’re constantly searching for new designs make sure you visit us often to find the latest in a wide variety of great gifts from some truly creative merchants.

Dog Breed Specific Products

One of the most popular items is the Pugs 2010 Wall Calendar. It’s a gift that can be enjoyed all year. They’ll think of you every time they look for date!

The Pugs 2010 Pocket Planner is also very useful. You'll be remembered throughout the year!

The Pug Angel Christmas Ornament is very popular all year. It doesn't have to Christmas time to give someone an ornament for their tree.

Note cards with a Pug picture also make a great gift. You can find magnets and bumper stickers with not only an image of a Pug but with a clever little saying as well! Ever get tired of seeing those My Child is an Honor Student… bumper stickers? How about one that reads My Pug Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student?

Clothing is always popular and something with an adorable Pug picture can make a great gift. There are tee shirts, sweat shirts and polo shirts in all kinds of sizes. There are male and female articles of clothing as well as baby clothes with this adorable dog featured front and center.

Everybody seems to be wearing hats so hats are always a great gift idea. As with bumper stickers, these can just have a Pug image or a clever little saying as well. Mugs fall into this category and the nice part about this gift is that you can be thought of every time your recipient has their morning coffee out of their Pug Mug!

Bags are also very popular in the Pug Merchandise department. These can range from tote bags to little purses. There is something about an image of a Pug that attracts everyone’s attention. Any of these gift ideas are great conversation starters and what Pug owner doesn’t like the opportunity to say a little bit about their favorite little companion.

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