Bringing Your Pug Home - Everything You Need

Bringing your Pug home is an exciting day for your family and your Pug. It’s important to look at it from the canine point of view. Everything will be new for him. He’s probably nervous and frightened. You want to make the transition as easy as possible. Here are some ways to do that.

If there is more than one person your Pug will be living with he will need to get used to every person. It’s better to do this one person at a time. Little children tend to crowd around the dog and pet it and touch it so you want to make sure they’re very gentle with your Pug. If your Pug is a puppy he’s probably experiencing much of this for the first time. Be patient and be gentle.

If you’re bringing home a grown Pug from another environment, remember this will all be new for him. Think about how you are in a new situation. You’re probably a little anxious and maybe a little scared. So is your Pug. This is especially true if the environment that he came from was not a friendly one. Remember he will be bringing all of his defensive behaviors with him.

The bottom line is that your Pug will need to get familiar with you and everyone who lives with you plus his new living quarters. All of you will need to get used to your Pug. If you have other animals in the house a careful introduction will have to be made. Don’t be surprised if the initial meeting does not go well. Your existing pet will be having their space invaded so it’s quite possible that you’ll see them protecting their turf.

The good news is that Pugs are a friendly dog. They thrive on companionship. But remember, we’re referring to human companionship. They require a lot of attention from their owner. This will be even more pronounced in the beginning as both of you get used to your new life together.

It’s very important that you plan out where your Pug will be sleeping and eating. These will be very important activities for your new housemate. Especially the eating part! It’s one of their favorite things to do. It’s best to establish a routine right from the beginning. Pugs like order in their life and doing things at the same time everyday will help create that.

Generally, Pugs do better indoors. They do not do well in the harsh winters and intense heat. Although they love being outside, they should not be left alone. They will wander and they can lost very easily. Some owners actually invest in a

GPS System for their Pug but, clearly, that is not for everyone. Those types of systems do not come cheaply although they will give you peace of mind.

Pugs tend to be home bodies and love it best when they are home with their owner and are the center of attention. Other than the time spent with their owner, eating and sleeping seem to be the highlights of their existence. The sleeping area is often overlooked but it is a very important part of your Pug's life. The links below will provide information on creating a sleeping area for your Pug as well as other essential supplies that are going to be required right from the start. Bringing your Pug home is an exciting event. It sounds crazy but make sure you take the time to enjoy it! Take pictures. This is especially true with a puppy because they grow up tremendously fast. Even faster than children. Most important: Love your Pug and Enjoy him!

One of the most important things to consider for your new friend is his sleeping area. Here are some things to consider:

The Sleeping Area should be decided before bringing your Pug home.

Before bringing your Pug home you'll want to make sure you have these essential supplies:

Essential Pug Supplies

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