Your Pug and his Dog Bed

The Sleeping Area is Very Important

Your Pug’s sleeping area is very important. It's more than just a dog bed. It’s where he will spend a lot of time. It should be warm, comfortable and provide him with a feeling of security. Let’s deal with a topic that many Pug owners feel a little self-conscious about. Should he sleep in bed with you? That answer is entirely up to you. You can make arguments for and against. On the negative side you can argue that it isn’t the healthiest option for either of you. Certainly from a cleanliness perspective your Pug should have its own place to sleep. There is also the need to draw the line between your space and his. He is, after all, a dog – not a human. From a sanity standpoint you should also keep in mind that Pugs snore and are notorious bed hogs. But that could apply to you as well!

On the positive side it’s another chance to bond with your Pug. That’s hard to resist. The time together is always a plus and it provides a warm, fuzzy feeling for both of you. The answer is completely up to you. To be diplomatic, let’s assume, for argument’s sake that you opted to give your Pug their own place to sleep. What should you look for?

Basically there are two viable options. The first is its own bed. The dog bed should be big enough for the Pug to be able to stretch out comfortably. A nice feature is easy wash-ability. Some beds have zippered covers that can be removed easily for cleaning. You can spend a fortune on a dog bed or build an elaborate one. There are Pugs who sleep in miniature four poster beds and water beds and heated beds. Let’s not go crazy here. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. A good sized, comfortable dog bed will do just fine.

The second option is to let the Pug sleep in his cage or crate. While some Pug owners are horrified to put their Pug in a cage-like contraption, it really is not as bad as it sounds. The one warning is that the crate should never be the equivalent of a prison. Pugs, or any dog for that matter, are not meant to be caged all day. It should be a place where they go to feel safe. It’s the equivalent of a wolf den if you want to think of it like that. The crate or cage should be a decent size so that the pug can easily stand up and move around a bit but you don’t want it to be too big. There are mats that will make the floor more comfortable and some come with a water bowl attachment. Some crates can be used to transport your Pug in a car or even on an airline.

Crates or cages are not cheap so you want to think about this. They do have a lot of advantages and your Pug can feel very safe in his “den” so don’t eliminate this as a possibility because you equate it to a prison. It should not be used in that manner. Before bringing your Pug home you'll also want to make sure you have some basic supplies for your new companion.

The Dog Bed is only one of the Essential Pug Supplies

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