Dog Crates Are Very Useful

Dog crates are a very useful piece of equipment for any Pug or small dog owner. They provide your Pug with a comfortable and secure place to go and can be a very important training tool as well. Using a crate can significantly reduce the time it takes to house break your Pug. We’ll tell you how that works in a little bit but, first, let’s clear up some misconceptions that some people have about a crate.

There are some people who think that using a crate is cruel. Keeping a dog penned up all of the time is, indeed, cruel. Dog crates used properly, however can provide a private place that your Pug will actually enjoy going to from time to time. Being enclosed can provide a sense of security and being enclosed and covered appeals to their natural instincts.

Dog crates can be a valuable training tool as well. They can be very helpful in the potty training process. By keeping your puppy confined you can better control their actions. Pug puppies that spend time in a crate are usually less destructive and somewhat easier to live with. Feeding your puppy in his crate just adds to the natural aversion a dog will have to eliminating in the place where sleeps and eats.

There are a variety of dog crates available. Your crate should not be too big but should give your Pug enough room to stand up, turn around and give him enough room to sleep comfortably. Crates can be made of all wire or be solid which offers your dog more privacy. If you live in a hot area consider the wire crate for better ventilation. You can cover the crate to give your Pug the privacy he sometimes needs. The crate should also be big enough to fit your Pug’s favorite toy as well.

A crate can provide a much better level of safety than just harnessing or buckling your Pug when he travels with you in a car. Your Pug should never be loose in a car or in the back of a truck. Without being restrained your Pug can become a flying object if your vehicle is forced to stop abruptly. There are many stories of the crate being a life saver for your dog and it’s a very good idea for additional safety for your friend.

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