Pug Information: Their "Look" Is Distinctive!

You can bury yourself with Pug information. Pugs are very popular and one of the most attractive dog breeds in the world. In the official categorization of dogs done by kennel clubs around the world the pug is the largest member of the Toy Group. The AKC (American Kennel Club) officially recognized the Pug breed in 1885 although records indicate that the pug competed in dog shows prior to that. Viewed from the side a pug should be more square than rectangle. They are a compact dog.


The first thing you notice about a pug is his head. It is the most prominent and striking feature on his body. Some people say it is what gives this breed its regal bearing. It’s also what gives the dog what some people describe as a worried look. The head is large and has deep wrinkles in the forehead. The face makes the pug look like he’s wearing a black mask. His eyes are large and prominent – so much so that you need to be careful to avoid injuries. This, and other health related pug information is covered elsewhere in this site.

His muzzle is short or flat. This is sometimes referred to as a brachycephalic breed. In our minds, his profile is somewhat similar to a gorilla! We think that just adds to his appeal. The wrinkles on the forehead come together in a very interesting diamond shape. Some people call this a thumb mark or even the “prince mark”. It just adds to this dog’s regal bearing. Whether they are pure bred or little bit of a mix this dog is a very attractive looking animal.


One of the most appealing aspects of this breed is his personality. They were born to be faithful companions and you'll quickly come to understand that YOU are your Pug's best friend. A Pug lives to be with their owner. They have a history that proves that point. They are friendly, adorable dogs who love to be the center of attention and seem to love humans better than the company of other dogs. If you're looking for a dog who considers himself to be a part of the family, you've found it in a Pug. In these pages we try to tell you almost everything about Pugs. Pugs are intelligent and have a great desire to please their owners. When you put those two traits together you have a very trainable dog. Although some people claim that Pugs can be a little stubborn (you've probably noticed that), that does not mean that they are not trainable. One of the best training resources we have found provides a program specifically designed for this adorable breed.


Pugs are either fawn colored or black. If they are the fawn color, their face and ears are black and if they are black they’re solid black. You might hear about references to an apricot or even a silver fawn. The fawn is either a cream color or has a slightly more orange tint. The silver fawn is a rare breed and it has a very light, clear coat. If you look closely there is a black line going down the center of his back. That’s called a “trace”. The tail is curled and sits high on the rear part of the body. A double curl is highly sought after and is very desirable if you want to “show” your dog. This, and other pug information is also covered in the section on adopting a pug.


As mentioned before, the pug is the largest member of the Toy Group. Large is a relative term here because their ideal weight is between 14 and 18 pounds. At this weight they look like a well conditioned athlete and some people might think they are a little underweight. They look like a muscular work dog on a miniature scale. Since “pug” is a slang for a boxer or pugilist we like to compare them to middleweight when they are at their ideal build. They’ll have a muscular top and shrink down to a small waist. It isn’t often mentioned that they look similar to the Boxer breed so we wonder if it’s a coincidence that pug can be short for pugilist. One of the many health issues with a pug is obesity so watch their weight. Left to their own devices a pug will grow into heavyweight in no time. This and other pug information is contained in the section on health. We've put together a section on nutrition and have highlighted other sources for important Pug information on maintaining your Pug's ideal weight. There are nutrition handbooks that you can buy as well as guides to commercial dog food.


Pugs are super shedders. Be warned! Anyone prone to allergies or desiring a super spotless house should think twice about getting a pug. Some even come with a double coat! This is almost always the fawn color pug. The pug is such a notorious shedder that some people actually choose their carpet and furniture colors based on this fact. At a minimum you should keep the shedding factor in mind when you shop around for a vacuum cleaner. There's a lot more pug information throughout this site. Make sure you visit the section on taking care of your pug’s coat. To keep your Pug looking his best, dog grooming basics are essential.

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