Dog Food Nutrition and How much food is enough?

Dog food nutrition is a complex subject. The right answer about how much food is the right amount, of course, is that it depends on the age and activity level of your Pug. Your dog’s age and lifestyle will also determine the variety of food that you feed your pet. All manufacturer’s , for example, have a puppy food that is especially designed for the younger Pug. This will have more protein and usually more food during the course of a day than an older dog. Puppies are growing and have a different metabolism rate than older dogs.

You want to check with your veterinarian but, generally, you want to a younger dog more often than an older dog. A puppy three months or younger should be fed four times a day while a dog in the 3-6 month range should be fed three times a day. Pugs six months or older should be fed twice a day.

The easiest way to judge the amount of food to give your Pug is to start with the recommendation from the manufacturer. You should weigh your dog periodically. Once they’re full grown check their weight. If they start to gain, reduce the amount of food. If they lose any weight, increase the amount of food. This will vary because of the activity level of every Pug is different. Also note that in the summer they may be less active so adjust accordingly.

If your dog is a senior Pug consult your veterinarian for special dietary needs and adjust the food amounts according to their instructions. Senior Pugs require extra care.

Remember all dogs require a fresh, clean supply of water. This is absolutely critical. Just like a human, water is the primary body component and a dog should drink at least one ounce per pound of body weight. Always watch the water supply even more carefully in the summer.

One of the fastest growing trends in dog nutrition is the raw diet. There are many benefits to this healthy alternative.

Raw Diets are a little more work but many Pug owners say that they are very happy with the results they see.

Click here for more information about dog food nutrition and your Pug. Remember, one of the most important things to keep in mind about a proper diet for your Pug is the storage of the food itself. For more information, see... Dog Food Storage As we noted above, the topic of dog food nutrition is not only important but there have been books written on the subject. If you have the desire to learn more, here one of the best sources on Dog Food Nutrition and Commercial Dog Food we've come across. Many owners have been amazed at what they read.

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