Nutrition For Dogs And What It Means For Your Pug

Nutrition for dogs is a hot topic. Questions about diet are one of the most frequently asked about subjects for any veterinarian. Let’s be right up front up about this: we are not qualified to give advice here and your questions should be taken to your veterinarian. However, we have read enough articles on this to realize that there are some guidelines that can be offered. And, for those who are interested, nutrition for dogs can be a very interesting subject to research on the internet. Go to your favorite search enging and type in nutrition for dogs and you'll be very surprised to see what you get.

One of the most often asked questions is how do I know my Pug is getting everything he or she needs from the food that I’m buying? The answer is that if you’re buying one of the premium brand dog foods, the chances are excellent that your Pug’s nutritional needs are being taken care of quite well. If you give your Pug the proper amount each day and do not let him over indulge on other treats, your Pug is probably eating healthier than you are! But, notice, we said “premium brand”. Many bulk foods sold in farm stores or even nurseries or garden supply stores can be suspect in delivering the proper nutrition for your Pug. The easy answer is to ask your vet if they are familiar with the particular brand. Some of these bulk suppliers do not deliver what your Pug requires. There are instances where a dog eats its own stool because it isn’t getting the nutrition it requires from the dog food it’s being fed. Switching to a premium brand dog food has made this practice go away in many of the cases.

With the proper premium brand dog food you usually do not need to supplement the diet with vitamins. Again, always check with your vet because your dog may have a condition that will require a supplement. Many of the premium brands are designed to follow your Pug through their aging process. This is of greatest importance for a puppy and for a dog approaching or in their senior years. In each of these cases a conversation with your vet on dog food nutrition is very appropriate.

What about canned or dry dog food? Is one better than the other? Again, if you stay with a premium brand your dog will be getting the nutrition it needs with either one. From an economic standpoint, the dry dog food is usually the better bargain. The canned dog food, after all, contains a lot of water. The dry dog food is all food so pound for pound it represents a better value. Don’t buy too big a bag or, if you do, be careful where you store it. It can dry out and lose some of its nutrients.

A recent trend is for all natural dog food. Some people even claim that certain preservatives are harmful and could be killing our dogs. While there is nothing wrong with a natural diet for anyone, including your Pug, preservatives are tested on a regular basis. A while ago the preservative ethoxyquin was cited as one of those additives that could be harmful to pets. In testing no evidence was found and the amount used in most dog foods was extremely small. Again, if you have any questions about an ingredient on the label of your Pug’s favorite food, ask your veterinarian. There are also books about nutrition for dogs.

The bottom line is that you should buy any premium dog food brand that your Pug tolerates well. Beware of any allergic reaction especially if you are trying out a new brand. Look at the ingredient label. It’s not unusual for a dog to react to a food that has a higher percentage of grain products. Dogs are essentially meat eaters and there are many who feel they do better on meat based foods. This does not mean grains are bad – they’re not. Wheat and corn are a good source of nutrients. It’s just that, in some cases, dogs cannot tolerate grains in their food on a steady basis. Have faith in yourself. You know your Pug best. And as you know, even though he has very little interest in dog food nutrition, he has a way of letting you know what food he likes best.

Many Pug owners insist on making their own food for their little friend so they can be sure that their dog is getting only the best ingredients. Here is some

important nutritional information and over 100 free recipes! Click here for more information on nutrition for dogs and your Pug.

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