Left to their own devices a Pug would eat all of the time. Any kind of dog food will do. In fact, almost any kind of food will do.

Almost any Pug gives an Oscar-worthy performance to get more food. In our opinion they rival the Great White Shark as an eating machine except that they’re much cuter. We’ve learned that Pugs always appear to be starving!

They would be happy to eat any time you would like to feed them. Clearly this will lead to one overweight little Pug. There are ways to avoid this. But, sometimes, when a little Pug is putting on his starvation act, almost any owner will be asking the himself: can he really be hungry? Could this dog be starving?

Usually, the answer is no. But when you look at your Pug they can be convincing! If there were Oscars for dogs, a Pug would probably win almost every year. They're natural actors. But the question that eats at almost every owner (no pun intended), can they possibly still be hungry? Am I not giving the little guy the adequate amount of food he needs? So that brings up the question…

How much food is enough? Keep in mind that answer will vary according to the type of dog food and the age of your Pug. It will also be a determining factor on how often you feed your Pug. Every Pug owner also deals with the relentless appetite this little breed seems to have. We have found certain nutritious little snacks that seem to satisfy our little guy. You should always check with your veterinarian but crunchy vegetables in moderation are a healthy and satisfying alternative to the normal treats.

Many Pug owners consider making their own food for their little friend. With that in mind, here is a source for some very good

Free Dog Food Recipes!

Here's A Calorie Counter For Your Pug!

Calorie Calculator Powered By Train Pet Dog

A word about commercial dog foods...

There are some people who claim that the food found on the market today can actually be harming your dog. We are not nutrition experts and definitely do not want to cause any alarm but, because we try to provide as much information as possible, here is something to consider about the potential dangers of some commercial dog foods! It's a recorded message so adjust your volume controls!

We do know that some foods are toxic for your Pug!

WARNING: There are certain foods that can be DEADLY for your Pug. All dogs have allergies but there are certain foods you must be certaing to avoid.

Find out more... Dog Food Allergies and Toxic Foods

Another important topic to consider is...

Proper Dog Food Storage Proper nutrition for your Pug is an important matter. For many owners they want to learn all they can about this subject. For an excellent background on this important topic check out this site for information every owner should know. Every owner wants to make sure their dog is getting the right nutrition and be sensitive to the more natural food that is on the market today. Dog food information is almost everywhere. You can find it in books, on the web and your veternarian, of course, is the best source for specific information about your Pug and the proper nutritional information about your friend. We are always seeking out information on this topic and will point out good sources of information when we find them. Our partner sites on this subject are listed below:

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