Dog Grooming And Your Pug

The Pug is a beautiful breed. Dog grooming basics will keep your Pug looking its best. Indeed, the Pug is one of those dogs that people will stop and look at. They are a very cute and handsome dog. But they won’t stay that way without care and Pugs have certain traits that require special care.


Have we mentioned before that Pugs are great shedders? A wire slicker brush will remove loose hair and is a good choice for brushing. Pugs require frequent care especially if they have a double coat. It’s easier to put your Pug on a table and start brushing at the head and working down. Do you need a dog grooming table? No, but if money is not an object and you have the space, they’re a very handy thing to have.


Depending on your Pug’s lifestyle, bathing can be once a month or a couple of months apart. Use a gentle dog shampoo and it helps to protect their eyes if you put a drop of mineral oil in each one before starting. There are special shampoos designed for different conditions such as itching so read the labels or consult your vet. Be careful around the ears. Some owners put cotton in the ears to avoid getting water down in the ear canal. The ears should be cleared of any debris and wax and if there is any foul odor a trip to the veterinarian would be a wise choice. Bathing is also a good time to look around the eyes. A Pug’s eyes are prone to injury and foreign objects because of their size.


One of the characteristics that make a Pug so cute are the wrinkles on his head. Guess what? They have to be cleaned or they can get a build up of debris and actually cause an unpleasant smell. In fact, if your Pug has “an air” about him the nooks and crannies around his head are a good place to look.


Probably the least liked part of dog grooming is nail clipping. No dog really likes it and Pugs are no different. A grooming table comes in handy here but any sturdy table will do. Usually elevating your dog slightly will make it easier. The Pug is a small size dog so many people clip their nails with the dog on their lap. This one activity may be why the grooming business is so large. The bottom line is to be patient, careful and speak to your Pug gently. A reward during or after the activity is definitely in order.


A Pug’s teeth are another area that makes them unique. They are prone to dental problems. One of the reasons is that they have 42 teeth in that little mouth all crowding each other for space. Dogs and humans share the same dental problems like plaque, gingivitis and gum disease that can lead to more severe problems that can affect the heart, liver and kidneys. The best prevention method is the same as humans: brushing. This is not a pleasant task for the owner or the pug. It is strongly suggested that you introduce your Pug to this procedure early in his life. A pleasant tasting dog toothpaste is an absolute must.

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Basic Dog Grooming Supplies

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