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Starting a Pug Business is something that occurs to many lovers of these adorable little dogs. Can it be done? Can you actually build a business around these cute little guys? Absolutely! It may take a while but you can actually build a Pug centered business. There’s no doubt you can shorten the start up time if you expand your business to include other breeds but you can actually focus on just Pugs. Let’s talk about dog businesses in general and then look at those types of businesses that lend themselves to the possibility of a Pug only affair.

If you have any doubt about how big dog businesses are you only need to do a little research. Over 63 million households in the United States have a dog. One third of all American homes have a dog. Every year there are more dogs born than humans so, rest assured, there is a market for dog businesses. Pugs consistently rank in the top 20 breeds and in many urban areas they are in the top 10 so, yes, it is possible to build a business devoted to Pugs.

Your Pug business can be in any area that interests you. It can be in multiple areas if that is your interest. You can offer services or products or information and not even have to be the provider or creator of any of those things. You can have individual clients with whom you develop a relationship or have customers that you never meet. You can be a one person business or have an army of people working for you. You can have a Pug store or a dog website. What you do is entirely up to you. Are there pre-requisites? Do you need a lot of money? The answer, of course, depends on the nature of the business you want to create. But, no, you do not need a lot of money and, for some types of businesses, you don’t need a lot of experience.

So what type of Pug business is right for you? If you’re a good trainer and have a well-behaved little Pug the world will beat a path to your door if you can transfer that skill to another person’s dog. Training is an ideal Pug business. If you’ve made your own Pug some treats or clothing, you should understand that other people have built businesses based on those things as well. If you live in an urban area you can become a dog walker and, if there are a sufficient number of Pug owners, you can specialize in walking this beautiful breed. You’ll quickly find out that it probably does make sense to branch out a little bit and, though it is possible to have a true Pug business, it also makes sense to expand it to include at least similar sized breeds. You can be a dog walker, a dog groomer, provide day care for dogs, kennel space for longer terms of stay or even write a book on doing those things and make money from your love of Pugs or dogs. As we mentioned before, the ability to train a dog opens up all kinds of possibilities. So do other skills. Photography, for example, can lead to specializing in Pug portraits specifically or pet portraits in general. The beauty of any Pug business is that it is totally under your control.

For us, the Internet provided the right spot for a Pug business and it may do the same for you. There is plenty of business to share. An online business provides an incredible number of ways to make an income and can be as fascinating as any hobby.

If you have a love for Pugs and a desire to create a little extra income (or a lot if you want to work harder), consider starting one of the Pug businesses that we describe here or creating your own. Even if you’re not technically skilled, don’t eliminate the Internet as a way of doing business. In fact, we humbly submit that any Pug or dog business you decide on should have an Internet presence.

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