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Pug Personality Traits And How To Know If This Type Of Dog Is For You?

Every breed is unique and this short primer in Pug Personality Traits will help you determine whether this type of creature will fit your lifestyle. Pugs are adorable, lovable and make great companio

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Adopt A Pug!

Your decision is made. It’s time to adopt a Pug. Here are some of your choices and the key questions you want to keep in mind.

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Pug Club Directory

The Pug Club Directory is a listing of organizations and events that will be of interest to all Pug owners.

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Pug Activities

Pug activities are almost endless. This little breed has been a top competitor in dog shows and has gotten a reputation as a very agile competitor who also receive top marks in obedience.

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Pug Problems

Pug problems are the concern of any current or prospective Pug owner. They can range from health to behavior and anything in between. We discuss them all.

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How to Train Your Pug

How to train your Pug is a question every owner asks. There are some secrets to training this affectionate and sometimes stubborn little breed.

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Pug Merchandise

Pug merchandise is very popular. You can find their cute little faces on all kinds of things from clothing to calendars to mugs and literally hundreds of other things. They make great gifts!

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