How To Train Your Pug

How to train your Pug is a question every owner has asked. This little dog has gotten a bit of a reputation of being hard to train but that really is not the case. There are some general principles that apply to all dogs but there are also some secrets that pertain just to Pugs.

As we have stated before on this site, consistency is absolutely critical if you want to train your Pug to exhibit good behavior. They are very intelligent but they will also try to get their way at all times. There are some people who take the approach that you never want to leave your role as leader. There may be some value to this. It is a technique that is the foundation of many training programs.

The value of consistency is that you will always be giving your Pug positive reinforcement for the behavior you want modeled. Making exceptions can set your training back and can be very frustrating for both you and your little friend. When you train your Pug you must keep simple and consistent so that your Pug is always clear about what will make you happy. Deep down, that’s what makes a Pug happiest. They want to be with their owner and they want their owner to be happy and praising him. That, and a good meal now and then, is all that a Pug really wants in life.

To avoid sending mixed signals, you need to be consistent. If you do not want your Pug on the furniture, then he should never be allowed on the furniture. Calling him over to sit on your lap while you’re sitting on the furniture will send him a signal that he is allowed to be there and he won’t understand why you get upset when he goes to sit down even when you’re not there. You need to keep things as simple as possible.

There are definitely Pug Training Secrets that you will want to learn. It’s always best to learn from someone who has had success. Why re-invent the wheel? When it comes time to train your Pug , there are people who have actually made a living about doing exactly that and have some great information to share.

It does take patience but the reward is great. Pugs are, in our opinion, the cutest breed of dog that there is. They are cute and absolutely adorable. The only thing cuter than a Pug is a well trained, well behaved one.

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