Pug Safety

Share Your Story And Save A Pug!

Pug Safety is an important topic for all Pug owners. On this page we’ll share some real life stories and give some helpful advice on how to keep your furry little friends as safe as possible. Our first story comes from Jim Sywak. We salute Jim, not only for his advice and concern for the safety of his Pugs, but because he is a volunteer at the Pug Rescue Network Pug Rescue Network, an organization that does great work in rescuing these adorable little dogs.

Jim and his wife Mary were traveling with their two Pugs Baxter and Abby in their pick up truck during some horrible weather last December. They hit a patch of black ice and skidded off the road, rolling over and ending upside down in about two feet of swamp water. There was great difficulty in getting all occupants out of the car and the good news is that everyone ended up being okay.

Jim is absolutely convinced that Baxter and Abby survived because of the following piece of advice: always crate your Pugs when they are traveling in your vehicle. Jim NEVER lets his Pugs loose in his vehicle. Most experts will tell you to harness your Pugs but Jim’s advice goes even further and urges every Pug owner to crate their dog during travel. Jim is absolutely certain that’s the only way he still has Baxter and Abby with him today. Thanks for the advice Jim. We’re glad that you, Mary, Baxter and Abby survived the scare! For the complete story on this Pug Safety tip click here.

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