Pug Supplies

Every owner will need a list of essential Pug supplies to be fully prepared to meet all the needs of your furry little house guest. On this page we will focus on the ones that we consider most important and give you some advice on what to look for. Some will be pretty obvious but some might be things you didn’t think about.

As we have said throughout this website, one of the most important things in your Pug’s mind is food. It is definitely a priority in their life and, while the proper dog food is an important consideration, so are the bowls that you put your Pug’s food and water in. Food and water bowls should be near the top of your list of Pug supplies. Some might think that any bowl will do and some people might go out and buy a special ceramic bowl with a cute picture or design. A good piece of advice is to make sure that cute ceramic bowl does not contain any lead paint or that the glaze is not lead based. Many times you don’t know that it does or doesn’t contain this toxic element. The best course of action is to get stainless steel bowls. They will last forever and they can be cleansed very thoroughly to prevent bacteria from forming.

Another top concern for your Pug is sleeping. You want to be sure your little guy has a comfortable place to sleep. This is especially true of a puppy. They require a lot of sleep to stay healthy. While a dog bed is certainly an option, you may want to consider a dog crate because they are multi-functional. Many owners feel that a crate is cruel and restrictive but that really is not the case. A Pug can learn to regard his crate as his little home and they can feel very secure because they naturally like to be in covered places. A crate can give your Pug a place to go during the family dinner and that can help avoid begging from the table which can be a very unpleasant behavior especially if company is around. The crate should not be a place for punishment but rather an alternative destination for your Pug when you want to control his activity. Crates can be a very useful part of housetraining and are the safest way to transport your Pug for car travel. A place for your Pug to sleep is must have item on your list of Pug supplies but we think a crate is something to consider as well.

One additional note on your Pug’s sleeping area is the fact that you want it to be comfortable. Many owners buy elaborate foam mattresses and beds but we think it makes a lot of sense to use old towels or flannel sheets. These can be just as comfortable and are much easier to wash and keep clean. Your Pug will have an accident or two and it can take hours to fully wash and dry a foam mattress. Plus, many Pugs have a chewing habit and it doesn’t take long for a foam mattress to disintegrate into a mess. Many owners get really upset with this, and there are ways to control the chewing, but you have to remember a Pug is a dog and doesn’t really understand the big deal that you make about chewing a hole in something. It’s fun!

Clearly a collar is an essential part of your Pug supplies because your dog should have some identification tag. For a puppy you may want to have a cheaper nylon collar in the beginning as he is growing but you eventually want to get a good collar for your Pug. Take care in the way the collar fits and always make sure it isn’t too tight. As your puppy is growing check the tightness frequently. You should be able to get two fingers in easily between the collar and your Pug’s neck. You may want to consider a harness, which we think is a better choice for a Pug. Pugs can be very excitable on a walk and can out pace their owner. You will tend to hear a little bit of a choking sound from a Pug wearing a collar. A Pug is already prone to breathing difficulties. A harness will be less likely to choke your Pug. As we said previously a crate is the safest way to transport your Pug by car. Your dog should never roam freely in a car but should be strapped in at the very minimum if you don’t have a crate. For securing your dog in this manner a harness is much more preferable than a collar. It is not as safe to strap your dog by a collar rather than a harness in a car.

We mentioned ID tags before and want to stress that this is very important. It should let people know who your Pug belongs to and certify that he has been vaccinated against rabies. There are many owners who wish they had tagged their Pug before their dog got out of the yard. Remember, Pugs are small and can fit through a very small opening. They are very curious so it doesn’t take long to have their curiosity result in a lost Pug. We all know that Pugs are not cheap so it makes sense to have an ID tag on your dog at all times.

Any list of Pug supplies includes grooming tools and this breed does, indeed, need special care. Grooming is also a good time to check out your Pug from a health standpoint. Check for any bumps, fleas or ticks or any other skin problems. Ask your veterinarian for tips on what to look for. One thing you can easily detect is if your Pug is getting a little too pudgy for his own good. If you can’t feel his ribs when you rub your hand down the side of his body, it may be time for a diet.

When it comes to grooming there are certain things that are essential and other things that are nice to have. Pugs are shedders so you want to get a couple of different combs. A soft bristle brush or a slicker brush can be used to get off a lot of hair before it comes off around your house. A rubber currycomb is good for loosening the coat and comes in very handy when your Pug is shedding. Some Pug owners include a heavy duty vacuum cleaner on their list of essential Pug supplies!

One of the things that make a Pug so cute are the wrinkles on his face. But these wrinkles require special care and should be wiped with either a baby wipe or a cotton ball moistened with hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you dry the area after wiping it because not doing so can lead to bacteria growing in those cute little wrinkles. As tempting as it may be, do not use powder or corn starch because this can clog the pores.

The one thing most owners hate to do is clipping their dog’s nails. There are various tools and schools of thought on this and we would not disagree that it’s a little bit of an art. Many owners take their Pug to a professional for this and it may be the best solution. If money is tight, however, it may be worth learning how your professional does this task and ask questions about the best way to do it. If they are reluctant to reveal their secrets ask your breeder. One possibility is to also consider a grinder which many people prefer to a clipper. In any case, your Pug’s nails are not an area to ignore. If this happens to be an activity that you’re good at and like doing, you may want to consider a little side business for some extra income. You’ll probably have more customers than you can handle once you develop a good reputation. It will also make some of your Pug supplies a deductible!

Another important area is dental care Pugs benefit just as much as humans with regular brushing and if you can brush your Pug’s teeth daily, do it. Your list of Pug supplies should contain a toothbrush and, yes, they make special brushes for dogs. There is even a brush that fits on your finger if you find that easier to work with. Do not use the same toothpaste that you use on yourself. There are special pastes for dogs and they come in flavors like chicken that your dog should find pleasant.

One of the things many Pug owners who do their own grooming rave about is a grooming table. These are not one the essential Pug supplies but many owners who have one would not do without it. A good table is not cheap so you may want to find someone who has one and give it a try before buying one.

Last but not least on your list of Pug supplies are toys, especially ones designed for him to chew on. These can help keep him occupied for hours and will promote better dental health.

Your list of Pug supplies can certainly include items not listed here. If you have a particular favorite not mentioned please let us know. We like to hear from our readers and get some very valuable information that we always like to pass on.

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