Dog Exercise - The Perfect Solution for a Pudgy Pug

Walking should be part of any dog exercise program. Most Pugs love a good walk. There is never enough time to sniff around and it’s always amusing to watch what grabs their attention. The most innocent looking bush or pile of rocks can be rich in smells that will keep your Pug’s attention all day if you let it. A good walk will not only benefit your Pug but it may have some extra benefits for you as well. Certainly it will let you keep track of nature as you walk every day throughout the year. It will also give you a chance to get some needed exercise as well.

Just like starting an exercise program for a human you want to start with same philosophy for a Pug. Check with your vet and start slowly on any dog exercise program. Because Pugs are prone to breathing problems to begin with, you want to be very careful on warm days so your little friend does not over heat. If the street is too hot for your hand it’s way too hot for your Pug. Early mornings and evenings are usually the best time for a walk. You can also break the walk up into sections rather than go for one long walk. This is especially good if you have a place to rest such as a park or a beach. Once the routine is set you Pug will know when to take a break as well as you do.

A Pug should always be supervised. If he’s in your yard there should be a fence that he can’t get under, over or around. You should not leave your Pug unattended. An exercise program is good for any Pug but especially helpful to an overweight one. It can help avoid health problems such as hip problems and diabetes and can actually prolong their life by a couple of years.

If you want to learn more about ways to keep your Pug in your yard safely, check out our section on dog fences by clicking the link below.

A Dog Fence Can Be A Part in a Dog Exercise Program for your Pug.

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