Dog Vaccinations Are a Big Question for Pug Owners

Dog vaccinations have become a subject of much discussion recently. There are many things to consider and there are many diverse opinions on the subject. As part of your veterinarian care program you should have a discussion on what dog vaccinations to give your Pug. There seems to be some controversy on the overall benefit as well as the potential harm that can occur especially in smaller dogs.

All dogs should be vaccinated against certain core diseases but there are other vaccines that are being examined closely for their effectiveness. There is also some question on the frequency of certain vaccines. It used to be common practice to vaccinate your dog annually but there is some evidence that certain vaccines can provide protection for more than just a year.

In any event, it’s a wise thing to do some research on your own or at least let your veterinarian know that you have some concerns for your Pug. Don’t let him or her dismiss the question lightly. There are some vaccines that pose a particular problem for Pugs because of their potential allergic reaction. That reaction depends on your Pug but it can range from just a mild reaction to one that is quite severe. The vaccines in question are the leptospirosis vaccine and the corona virus vaccine. There’s a good reason why these vaccines are given: the diseases, although mild in some cases, can be fatal to your dog in others. This is a question that you need to discuss with your vet. There are new strains of leptospirosis so you should ask whether the vaccine that he is giving will protect your Pug against these new strains. With any vaccine you should ask your veterinarian if the vaccine is safe for your Pug and other small breeds. Dog vaccines cover the large breeds as well as the Pug-sized so you want to let your vet know that you are very sensitive to what will be injected into your little friend.

Almost all veterinarians recommend a vaccination against distemper. You should ask what else this “distemper shot” will include because it is usually a vaccine that is given in combination with other vaccines. It may very well include a vaccination against hepatitis, parainfluenza and the aforementioned leptospirosis and corona virus. These are diseases that commonly affect dogs.

Let your vet know if there are certain dog vaccinations that you do not want your Pug to have and discuss this with him. He may have some findings that are up to date and provide better information on which to base a decision. You have a right to be a part of that decision and, ultimately, you will be the one making the final one.

Ask your veterinarian exactly will be included in the dog vaccinations that will be administered on this visit and future visits and what diseases they will protect your Pug against. Distemper is a viral infection and can be fatal by causing damage in the neurological system.

Hepatitis can also be fatal. It’s a virus that attacks the liver. Another strain of this is Adenovirus Type 2 that also attacks the liver.

Rabies is a very contagious disease that affects the brain and is always fatal. It is mandatory before any dog can participate in any show and may actually be required in all states.

Parainfluenza is a disease that can affect the stomach, lymph nodes and even the bone marrow. Parovirus affects the intestinal tract and is very serious. It can be fatal in some cases.

Lyme disease is a disease that is transmitted by ticks and can severely affect the joints. It may not be recommended if Lyme disease is not prevalent in your area and you should also know that there are tick preventatives available instead of vaccination.

Kennel cough is a very contagious disease that can be transmitted between dogs sharing any space. The scientific name for this disease is Bordatella.

Finally, there are the two diseases mentioned previously. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that causes damage to the liver and kidneys. Corona virus attacks the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. Many small breeds, including the Pug, can have reactions to these vaccines.

By no means are we arguing against vaccines. There are some dog vaccinations (such as rabies) that your Pug must absolutely have. We are just calling your attention to some of the debate that is taking place today on this subject.


The information included here is meant to give you a basic knowledge on dog vaccines as you consider the best course of action for your Pug.

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