Getting A Pug -

It May Be the Best Thing Your Ever Do!

For many owners, getting a Pug was the best decision they ever made in their life. Pugs are cute, lovable and make just about the best companion anyone could ever want. If you want a loving friend who will follow your every move, you almost cannot do better than this little breed of dog.

We’ll be the first to say, however, that a Pug is not for everyone. Before getting a Pug there are some things that you should be aware of. Bringing a Pug into your life is not a matter to be taken lightly and there are a few things you should ask yourself before making the decision to get a Pug.

Pugs were born to be companions and before getting a Pug you should know that this is a two way street. By default your Pug will be your companion. He will follow you around and wait to see what you will do next. Taking a shower? Don’t be surprised to find him waiting outside until you come out. You’re his automatic best friend. The important thing you must realize is that he wants you to be his friend as well. He will spend every minute of the day with you if you let him. Pugs are born companions. It’s in their history and par of their personality. Whether you knew it or not, when you decided to get a Pug you also decided to get a friend.

Pugs are adorable but you should know that they are a noise machine. They snore, snort and make all kinds of strange noises. Most people find that part of their appealing nature but if a snoring dog is going to bother you, think twice before getting a Pug. If you will not have time to devote to your little companion, you should really think twice before you adopt a Pug. Pugs crave your attention and will, in their own way, demand it. Be prepared.

If you’re very particular about having a neat house you should be aware that a Pug will shed. Despite being a short haired breed of dog, Pugs shed a lot so that is something you should also consider before getting a Pug. This is especially true if there are people with allergies in your family.

Getting a Pug is a serious business and will require some preparation. In addition to all of the supplies that you'll need you're adding a new member into you living place. That's a big adjustment. You’re entering into a 12 year or longer commitment to your dog. You don’t want to have to find a new home if things don’t work out between you and your new friend. That will be hard on both of you. From our perspective, you can’t find a cuter, more adorable companion for a Pug but this cute little guy is not for everyone.

If you do decide that you and your Pug will have to part company, keep in mind that this is an extremely desirable breed of dog and it should be relatively easy to find a new owner. It would be extremely gratifying to know that your Pug will be in a home where he will truly be appreciated. Maybe you can even arrange visiting rights. Although that sounds silly, don't be surpised how much you miss your little friend once he is gone. Pugs have a way of finding a special place in your heart even if you find you can't live together! Pugs are, indeed, a very special breed of dog.

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