Housetraining A Pug Can Be Easy

Housetraining a Pug can be an easy process if you follow a few simple rules. As with any training activity involving a dog, the key ingredients to success are consistency, positive reinforcement and patience. They will work every time. And these principles are the best to create a happy and well-trained Pug. Isn’t that what everyone is after?

Some people have the perception that a Pug is a difficult breed to housetrain. In fact, that’s a common misconception about almost every toy breed. We’re not sure why that is or how that story got started but one guess might be that the owners of these types of breeds were not in as much hurry to train their dogs to eliminate outdoors as those of a larger breed such as a Saint Bernard. After all, the clean up was a much easier process than with a big dog. Trust us, however, a Pug can be easily trained.

Keep in mind that your Pug is a dog! As great as their personality is and as much as they want to please their owner, they were not born with the understanding that the elimination of bodily waste was something that is best done outdoors in their case. You need to show them that the great outdoors is where they need to go to make you a happy owner. And, believe it or not, all a Pug wants in life is to be with their owner and make them happy. Throw in a constant supply of food and you’ve got one happy Pug!

The basic rules of housetraining a Pug start with a consistent approach. A s much as possible stick with a schedule that will work for your Pug. Eight hours between trips outside is too long a period for a little puppy. If a shorter schedule is not possible, you’ll need to start with paper training. Generally, this will take longer. Have papers layered in a particular spot in a room and make sure the location does not change.

When you take your dog out and he’s doing his business, repeat a phrase that is reserved for this time such as “go potty” or something similar. Your Pug will make the connection fairly quickly. The creation of this type of phrase is a very smart thing to do in housetraining a Pug because it can save you a lot of time and trouble. Many Pug owners have Pugs relieve themselves as part of a long walk. But what happens when you’re in a hurry? Your little friend will think this trip outdoors is just like any other and will expect a normal walk with some bathroom breaks along the way. With the phrase connection your friend will know that the bathroom portion of the walk is the number one priority.

Many Pug owners use a particular spot outdoors that so that their little guy will know what’s expected. Linking the location with a particular command will create a pretty predictable process.

The positive reinforcement is a critical part of housetraining a Pug and that includes the lack of yelling and swatting with a newspaper when things don’t go as planned. Your Pug will have accidents now and again. Every living creature that has experienced toilet training has had an accident or two. The best practice is to not yell when you see your Pug starting to eliminate in your house but to take him out quickly and let him finish the process outdoors. Remember to praise those successful trips. This is critical in housetraining a Pug. Your little guy should know that he has pleased you.

Patience is another key to success. Housetraining a Pug will be a very natural process when the owner is consistent, follows a schedule, positively reinforces good behavior and show patience with their dog.

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