Mans Best Friend and Companionship - You have a friend for life!

Mans best friend? Yes! Pugs live to be with their owners. Truth be told, they also live to eat but that’s covered elsewhere. Pugs will never tire of being around you as long you realize that they (not you) are the center of attention. They actually will prefer being with you than another dog. They will watch your every action and listen to every word that you say. They don’t always obey but they will watch you as you talk and turn their heads as if they are really trying to understand what you are saying. For someone who lives alone they are an ideal companion. You won’t feel lonely with a pug around. Of course you won’t have any time by yourself either. This is important to realize. Pugs are cute and lovable but they will require attention from you. If you think you can feed him, walk him and then forget him you’re in for a surprise. They’ll wait around to see what “we” are going to do next. And when they’re younger they’ll think it’s play time all the time! Is there a way around this? Yes. But you have to start early. Training is the answer and the good news here is that pugs are fairly easy to train.

They are perfect companions but there is one thing to keep in mind....

Mans best friend sheds!

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