Pug Anal Sac Care

Pug anal sacs are definitely not a topic you bring up casually. It isn’t something most Pug owners know anything about until they suddenly notice their little guy scooting along the carpet or lawn and realize that their dog may be having a problem. All dogs have two sacs, one on each side of the rectum. These sacs produce a thin brown liquid that normally empty out (or get expressed) during a bowel movement. Why do these sacs exist and what does the liquid do? Many people believe that this liquid was originally used to mark the dog’s territory.

If this fluid becomes abnormally thick or the anal sac openings are too small the sac may fail to completely empty. This can cause a feeling of pressure for your Pug and they start to try to relieve the pressure. By rubbing his bottom along the ground (or sometimes your carpet) he is trying to empty this liquid from the sac. If you suddenly experience a pungent odor in your house pay special attention to your Pug especially after a trip to the potty.

If your Pug is unable to accomplish this himself you may have to have the sacs manually emptied or expressed by a dog groomer or veterinarian. With a dog groomer you want to make very sure they know what they are doing and have done this before with a Pug. With a Pug who has repeated issues you need to watch for infections or ruptures. For serious cases a veterinarian may recommend removal of the sac. Pug anal sac problems are best discussed with a veterinarian. Problems like this, as well as reverse sneezing are reasons that you want to find a veterinarian with Pug experience. There are also some Internet Resources as well and some of them are very good. It is always a good idea to be as informed as possible when it comes to the health of your Pug.

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