Pug Clothes

The Owner Usually Likes Them Better!

Pug clothes are very popular. It’s safe to say that they’re more popular with the owners than with the Pugs. Some Pugs absolutely love putting on an article of clothing that will get a reaction from the audience. These little dogs crave attention so any way they can get it will be fine with them. But not all Pugs were made to wear clothing. Truthfully, our Pug does not to be restrained in any way and even resists his harness. We feel that the harness is far less restraining around the neck than a collar but our Pug is not overly fond of putting anything on his body.

Ideally you will start introducing your Pug to clothing early in his life. It will become much easier if you do it on a consistent basis and go easy at first. Make sure the Pug clothes are designed to go on easily. Clothing that can go similar to the way a harness goes on and then gets closed up with either buttons or a zipper will be the best bet. You want to make sure the clothing fits well and does not cut off his circulation. Under no circumstances should you get your Pug dressed up in hot weather. They tend to over heat very easily.

Sweaters in the winter are probably the most popular of the Pug clothes. If you live someplace that is very cold you feel like you’re doing your Pug a service by trying to keep them warm. The fact is, however, no Pug will actually prefer to be dressed up. They submit to this to please their owner. Pug clothes become part of the companionship that they offer to their owner.

Holidays are especially good occasions to get your Pug in costume. Christmas seems to have a very wide range of possibilities and Santa hats are a popular accessory when it comes to dressing your Pug. Many owners have put their Pugs on their annual Christmas card. Pugs are adorable to begin with. Put them in a cute little outfit and they can easily become irresistible.

Many owners decide to make the clothing for their Pugs. If you have time that is certainly an option. Check online and you’ll see there are many options for choosing clothing for your dog. Again, keep in mind that your Pug can overheat very easily so choose the clothing and the time of year accordingly. If your Pug resists the whole process they may be telling you, in their own way, that you can't improve upon perfection!

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