Pug Clothing Is Not Just Cute – It Can Serve A Purpose

Pug clothing is very popular. There is no doubt that a Pug can look absolutely adorable in a sweater, hat or even boots, but the fact is that the clothing can actually serve a purpose. If you live in an area with cold, inclement winters your Pug may actually appreciate a sweater or boots. But you do have to follow a routine to get your Pug used to clothing. It isn’t the most natural thing for a dog to want to put on a sweater.

One of the most important things you can do when you bring a Pug into your life is the socialization process. Actually the process should never end. You want to expose your Pug to new situations carefully and in a controlled way. One of those situations may be in getting your Pug to wear clothing. As we said before, Pug clothing can be very useful. Pugs do not do well in cold weather. A sweater may actually bring them more comfort on those cold winter days provided they become used to putting on clothing at an early age. This means that you introduce this concept to them early and keep making it a part of their routine on a regular basis. There is actually some similarity to putting on a sweater and a harness. If your Pug is used to only a collar you’ll probably get some resistance when you try a harness for the first few times. We believe a harness is less stressful for the Pug. If you introduce the harness early in the socialization process your Pug won’t fight you when you try to put it on him. A sweater is the same concept and early and frequent introduction will make it easier.

You definitely do not want to put a sweater on your Pug in hot weather. These little guys are very prone to over heating so you want to be careful here. You also do not want to create a situation where your Pug absolutely dreads putting on an article of clothing. Some Pugs were just not meant to be dressed. Your Pug may be one of those. Pug clothing can be very cute and some outfits can get rave reviews from people passing by but it is quite possible that your Pug could do without clothing in his or her life.

On the other hand, an extra layer of warmth can be something your Pug gets quite used to. And some Pugs absolutely hate to get their feet wet. A sweater and a little pair of boots might come in very handy for both of you. Again, it will vary with each individual Pug. But, if you socialize your Pug and introduce Pug clothing into your Pug’s life early and consistently, it could be something that makes you both very happy.

Make sure your Pug's clothing fits well. Take extra care that there is no pressure on the throat of your Pug and make sure there is nothing that your Pug might trip on. Although we feel that Pug clothing can make the owner just a little bit happier than the Pug, there is no reason you both can’t be happy in creating a nice wardrobe for your little friend.

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