Pug Games

Every owner has their favorite Pug games. Everyone likes to have fun – Pugs may enjoy it best of all. There’s nothing they like better than to be with their owner and having his or her undivided attention. Pugs are loyal and lovable and were born to be a constant companion. The fact that they follow you around from room to room should tell you that they’re always ready to play.

Pug games can range from a simple walk to an involved game of “soccer” with a treat ball. You can definitely make walking the highlight of the day for your little friend if you let him take his time exploring every nook and cranny of your walking path. It makes you wonder what they can detect with their sense of smell. If you take the same path every day you’ll notice that some places draw your Pugs’ attention more than others and there can be some spots where you’ll need to drag him away or you’ll be there forever. What are they smelling? What stories are behind those tantalizing scents? If your Pug could talk we’re sure it would provide some rather amusing insights.

Most people are surprised that you can actually create some games for your Pug to play. Pug games go beyond the throwing and fetching and the tug of war games that come naturally to a Pug. You can, with a little patience, your Pug to play Hide and Seek. At the same time you can actually be teaching your dog to come to you on command. You want to start off with an easy test first. Get someone to stay with your Pug in another room while you go into another room. Be right out in the open at first and call for your Pug to “come” and reward him with a treat when he finds you. Make your hiding spot harder each time and after a while your Pug will come to you on command which is a very important thing for him to learn. Clearly, you want to start this when he is a puppy.

Many Pug games have a purpose and, in this case, having your Pug learn to come when commanded can be very important.

One of the greatest sources of amusement for a Pug is the treat ball which is sold in almost every pet store. The ball holds whatever small treats you place inside and as your Pug pushes the ball or bites it the treats will fall out onto the floor. You should be careful what treats you put inside – they should be on the healthy side if at all possible. The size of the treat depends on the size of the hole in the treat ball that are available in various sizes. The 2-3 inch sizes work best. It will keep your Pug quite occupied and some owners put their Pug in the middle of an obstacle course which makes your Pug work a little bit as the ball bounces off objects or rolls into a box or even tunnels that some owners construct.

Pugs love to eat and you can get them to do the craziest things if a treat is involved at the end. Be careful though, you have a better idea of what is safe than your Pug does. Be careful and try to anticipate anything he might do and if there’s a chance of him hurting himself or causing damage to something valuable in your house, stop the activity immediately. Better safe than sorry – there’s no replacement for your Pug and you would never want any harm to come his way.

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