Pug Loss

Mourning The Loss of Your Friend

Pug loss can be a very traumatic event for an owner. The death of your companion can upset you more than you ever imagined. The first thing you should know about this feeling is that is absolutely normal. Don’t listen to the people who say “it was only a dog” or the ones who say you’re being silly to feel that badly. People who are not dog lovers have no idea what the loss of your pet can do and people who are not Pug lovers have no idea how much a part of your life these adorable dogs can be.

You are not at all weird or silly to have such intense feelings of grief when it comes to Pug loss. You have become attached to a living creature and have bonded strongly with your pet. That shows you are a sensitive human being and we need more of that in this world.

Pug loss is significant. It can be a very upsetting experience for every member of your household. Children, especially, may struggle with their feelings and require special care. They need to be told the truth but it must be done with sensitivity. Even other pets in the house can be affected by the loss. Many psychologists say that the loss of a pet can be as traumatic as losing a close relative. You are normal to feel the emotions you are feeling. And you need to do what’s right for you.

Allow yourself time to grieve when you experience Pug loss. Don’t rush out and get another Pug or other kind of dog. Don’t bury yourself in your work and expect to get over the death of your little friend. You just can’t go out and replace a Pug – especially YOUR Pug. And you can’t just bury yourself in activity and expect to get over your Pug loss any quicker. Everyone goes through a grieving process. Every person is different but every person can benefit from advice on Pug Loss.

No pet death is easy to get over. We think Pugs are one of the hardest losses to overcome because they are such adorable companions. You are never alone with a Pug. They follow you around like they were your guardian angel and when that companionship is suddenly missing it can be a very sad day indeed. For people who live alone it can be very heartbreaking to lose their friend. While it may seem very natural to share your feelings with other people, don’t be surprised if you don’t get the reaction you were expecting and don’t necessarily take their advice. They probably mean well. They may even be drawing on their own experience but you have to go through this yourself and do what’s right for you. You can find out more about this important topic by Clicking here.

There may very well be a time when you want to get another Pug but it shouldn’t be immediately. There will be a right time for this and you will be the only person who knows when that time is. Don’t expect to replace your little friend. That won’t happen. What you can expect, when the time is right, is to find another little Pug who is incredibly cute and unique in his own way and who will win your heart over in a way you didn’t think could happen again. After all, Pugs were born to be companions!

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