Pug Mix: A Top Shelf Designer Dog

The Pug Mix is gaining in popularity. Although we like Pugs just the way they are and feel like you can’t top perfection, there are many who feel that mixing a Pug with another breed can blend the best characteristics of both. These are sometimes referred to a mixed breed. It used to mean a mutt – when you couldn’t quite name what kind of dog it was. These days, mixing breeds has become a big business. It should come as no surprise that Pugs are popular in this area.

For our purposes we are talking about mixing two pedigree breeds to create a new type of dog. A Pug Mix, or hybrid dog , is a Pug who has been mated with another purebred dog. One of the most popular of these breeds is the Puggle Puggle which is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle.

You can expect to get a combination the general appearance of the Pug Breed as well as the physical characteristics of the other type of dog. It will also take on some of the personality traits of each. In addition to the Puggle, one of the more popular mixed breeds is the Chug which is a cross between the Pug and a Chihuahua. These designer dogs are not for everyone. In our opinion, we have not seen a Pug Mix that is cuter than a Pug.

We are also not sure what the long term implications of this practice are. Some argue that the act of breeding a pure bred dog has its problems as well. Certainly, with some of the less reputable breeders, in breeding can and does cause problems and there are certain conditions that develop with any pure bred dog.

The American Canine Hybrid Club is the body that officially recognizes and tracks these mix breeds. It is not surprising to us that the Pug is so popular in this dog breeding practice. In fact, the Puggle represents about half of all the hybrid dogs that have been registered with this Club.

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