Pug Natural Healing

Pug Natural Healing is of growing interest for many Pug owners. We don’t advocate not using a qualified veterinarian but we do suggest finding a vet who is open to some of the practices listed. The field is large and includes many of the same areas that are so popular for humans.

We were surprised by how many Pug owners are looking into natural treatments and approaches to take care of their furry little friends. More and more veterinarians are incorporating these techniques into their practice. No one is suggesting that you avoid the basics such as good nutrition but it makes sense to make sure what your dog digests in as natural as you can make it. Some owners are going even further in this approach. Pug Natural Healing incorporates such practices as herbal and aroma therapies. There are dog chiropractors now as well. It may be harder to find veterinarians in rural areas who make this part of their practice but there are other resources and guides for you to consider. We’ve listed some of the more helpful ones below:

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