Pug Personality

The Pug Personality is that of a loving companion who wants to be with you all the time. Are you looking for undying loyalty and commitment? You can’t do better than a Pug. A Pug will absolutely adore you. They are so thankful you are their owner they will follow you around and never let you forget how grateful they are to be a part of your life. If you’ve always wanted to be greeted like you’ve been away for years and are coming back as a hero, you can’t do better than a Pug. A Pug will make you feel like you are the only person in the world.

You can go back hundreds and even thousand of years and you’ll find that the Pug personality has basically been the same. They are a loyal companion. They live for their owner. It’s almost like that is the mission of this breed. The Pug wants to be your friend. He will try to convince you that you don’t need anything else in this life other than him. The fact is that he doesn’t need anything other than you.

The Pug has a very gentle personality and is very good with children. Younger children should be taught to handle their Pug gently and be careful of their eyes. Because of their prominent eyes they can be a little prone to injury. Like most dogs, Pugs seem to sense when a person needs a little extra care. Don’t be surprised to seem be especially affectionate with someone who is ill or has been having a hard time. Pugs seem to sense when their special kind of love is needed.

The Pug personality is one of active involvement in family life. They love to be a part of all the activities. It almost seems like they regard themselves as every bit as human as you are. If you let them they will be very happy to eat and sleep with you. They definitely make themselves a part of your life.

Pugs are very protective of the ones that they love. They can regard a stranger as an intruder and it's amazing to watch them turn aggressive if they’re unsure about a person. The Pug personality can turn very aggressive if they think their owner might be in danger. Their size doesn’t matter. It seems like they will defend you against all comers no matter how large. A Pug is very protective of their owner.

For those who are looking for companionship or looking to feel needed, consider a Pug for a companion. They are very loving creatures who seem to be alive on this earth for one purpose: to please their owner! They are madly in love with YOU! Loving, loyal companions are just part of the Pug personality traits.

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