Pug Puppy Training Begins With Socialization

Effective Pug Puppy training begins with the socialization process. A well behaved Pug has usually been carefully introduced to new situations and learns to adapt and trust his owner when he is confronted with a new experience. This works best when it begun early.

A crate is very useful in this process. While many people think a crate is cruel, a Pug feels very secure in his crate and you can take great advantage of this when your Pug is a puppy. Placing your dog and his crate in a busy part of the house will get your Pug used to the activity of the household and all of the noises and sounds and different people who come through your house. Seeing them from a secure vantage point will allow your Pug to get more comfortable with his surroundings.

In every new situation it is important to realize the first reaction from your Pug will be fear. So if you can calm him while he is in his cage in your house, the same phrases and tone of voice will usually work in new situations when he is out of his cage. You want to introduce your Pug to new situations slowly but on a steady basis. This socialization process is very important in the Pug Puppy training process.

The crate will represent security to your Pug so as you say the same phrases over to him in the same tone of voice with any new experience, your Pug should gain a level of confidence and learn to trust you more and more. There are some things that frighten almost every Pug or at least make them very agitated or uncomfortable. Our vote for the most troublesome gadget in the house is the vacuum. With the way Pugs shed you can be sure that they are going to see a great deal of this noisy contraption. It is in both of your best interests to see that every appearance of this deadly appliance is met with at least a tolerant attitude. If you can accomplish this with your Pug you have done a good job.

Realize that every new situation represents a potential hazard to your Pug, at least in his mind. So work on getting him to master new situations such as a new person in the house. This one is difficult. Pugs are very protective and see every new visitor as a potential threat to their owner. One of the things that make Pugs so lovable also can cause quite a scene when you want it least. Their protective nature, loyalty to their owner and desire to always be the center of attention can cause some rather uncomfortable moments when your Pug starts howling up a storm and you look like an owner who cannot control their furry companion.

Remember to keep a positive attitude with your Pug. Never lose your temper or speak harshly because that will only worsen the situation. A positive approach is critical to successful Pug Puppy training. Everyone can benefit from a little help when it comes to training their dog. That's true even if you've had some success. It never hurts to get some additional information and different perspectives on how to end up with a well behaved Pug. Here's an excellent mini-course that we found and the best part is that it's free! Free Pug Training Mini Course!

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