Is A Pug Puppy For You?

There is no question that a Pug Puppy is one of the most adorable creatures in the world. There is absolutely no argument there. But, is a puppy a better choice than a full grown Pug? Obviously the answer to that question will depend on each individual but there are certain things to consider before you bring a Pug into your house and especially a Pug puppy.

It’s best to consider these questions before actually going to see the prospective new family member because, let’s face it, once you see this adorable little creature you will almost definitely want to be their owner. A Pug puppy is almost irresistible. But they do come with an added price tag: they will need much more attention and care. They will require more patience and training. Be honest with yourself, if you don’t have the time, patience or inclination to give your new friend, you may be better off considering a Pug that is already trained and exposed to the ways of the world.

A puppy will require extra care. They will need potty trips in the middle of the night at least for the first couple of months. They will need care and patience when being exposed to new situations like other people and crate training. Puppies require extra work. You’ll also need to puppy proof your house and make sure your new family member can’t get into trouble. Little things like hiding electrical wires become important when you bring a little Pug home. You’ll also want to keep a watchful eye for some disorders that could cause a problem for your Pug puppy. Your veterinarian, as always, is your best source of advice.

A well trained dog is an absolute pleasure to be around and to achieve that you need to start training at an early age. Again, a puppy will require extra time. If this is not something you will be able to give it might be better to look for a full grown Pug.

However, if do have the time you will be amply rewarded. There is nothing as cute as a Pug puppy out for a walk with his owner or as pleasurable as having one curl up on your lap. From an early age a Pug wants to be with and to please his owner. When you bring a puppy home you will be bringing home a companion for life. Nothing, except possibly eating, will give your little friend greater pleasure than sharing his life with you. When he greets you at the door you will know how much he missed you and how important you are to him. For anyone seeking companionship a Pug will provide that and more.

In some ways a puppy increases that sense of loyalty because, when they’re young, they almost can’t control themselves when they see you arrive home. As they age they will still be happy but their greeting won’t be quite as energetic. Plus, when you become the owner of a puppy it is really a wonderful experience to watch them grow and mature. There is absolutely no doubt a Pug puppy will occupy a special place in your heart.

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