The Pug Rescue Network

We’re not sure if there is one single, formal Pug Rescue Network but there are groups of volunteers around the world who dedicate themselves to this task. They are wonderful, good hearted people who should be applauded for their work. You’ll find organizations in every state and there are groups around the world dedicated to helping these adorable little dogs.

Pugs are companions. They take that role very seriously so there is nothing sadder than seeing a homeless Pug. They literally feel worthless. They need to be rescued in every sense of the word and you can help.

Many member groups of the Rescue network are affiliated with the Pug Dog Club of America. This is the official parent club for the breed that is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). They are a wonderful resource to contact. You’ll find a group of people who are tremendously dedicated to finding a Pug a good home. Thankfully there is a very high level of cooperation between the groups in various states.

There is also the Pug Rescue Network. They are located in Michigan and made up of many wonderful voluteers. The Pug Rescue Network does great work. We cannot say enough about the great work that Pug Rescue Organizations do. We have provided a listing of some Pug Rescue Groups. If you know of any other worthy organizations please contact us. If you'd like to help, we've provided links to their websites so you can explore the many ways to become a friend to Pugs from adopting one of these adorable little guys to making a donation to one of these worthy causes.

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