What to Look For In A Good Pug Training Class

hat makes a Pug Training Class a good one? Although many owners have great success in training their Pug, some owners lack confidence in their training skills and feel like the only way to get their Pug properly trained is by a professional. It may also be that finding the time to train your Pug is a challenge. In any case, there are certain things to look for as you search for the ideal training environment.

The first step in finding the right class is to not limit your search to just one facility. You should never sign up at the first class that you observe. Visit at least two place so that you can establish a frame of reference. You’ll actually be surprised at how much more observant and critical you are after visiting one or two locations. Remember, you can always go back to one that you previously visited. If they were good when you saw them the first time chances are that they’ll be good when you go back.

The first thing to look at is the space of the class. Is there enough room for the number of dogs that you see? Notice the general tone of the class. You want to have a positive experience for your Pug. What kinds of dogs are in the class? Although we are referring to this as a Pug Training Class search, it is highly unlikely that you’ll find a class devoted to only Pugs. But take note of the other dogs. Are there huge dogs mixed in with the smaller dogs? Generally, it’s better if the range of dogs are basically the same size. It’s okay for a Collie or a St. Bernard to be the largest dog in the class but it’s not okay for your Pug to be the smallest by a great degree.

Take note of how the Pug Training Class is conducted. Is there time in the beginning for a bit of socialization and play? Most dogs do better when they have worked off a little bit of their energy first. Is the trainer using positive reinforcement techniques? Is the ratio of trainers to dogs adequate? How much one on one instruction will your Pug be getting?

Take a look around and examine the facilities. Are they clean and well ventilated? Are they cooled in the summer and warm in the winter? This is especially critical for a Pug. They are not outside dogs and have particular problems in the heat.

What’s your reaction to the trainers? Are they friendly and do they treat their training subjects well? Some of your evaluation of any Pug Training Class will definitely be subjective. You’ll get a feeling about what kind of people are running their class. This is your Pug so you want someone who is going to have your dog’s best interests at heart. If they don’t mind you staying while your Pug is being trained that is usually a good sign. You may not be able to watch while your Pug can see you but it’s always a plus if you can hear what goes on in a class.

You also want to take note on how long the Pug Training Class is. The class itself shouldn’t be longer than an hour. Ideally, there will be a short period of socialization in the beginning and one or two short breaks in the middle.

As with any services for your Pug, you should try to get referrals. With a Pug Training Class, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to watch as the owners come to get their dog and listen to the comments. You’ll be able to learn a lot as you watch the interaction between trainer, owner and dog.

Check out the credentials of the persons doing the training and run the other way if they recommend anything that might be painful to “help” the training process for your Pug. Yanking on your dog’s collar or using a choke collar to stop negative behavior is absolutely unacceptable. A good Pug Training Class will emphasize positive dog training techniques. The earlier you get your Pug to a training class the better. Good training practices begin from day one but two to six months seems to be the age where owners usually get serious about instilling good behavior in their dog. A dog can be trained at any age but many facilities won’t take a dog even older than six months so keep that in mind.

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