Pug Traits

There are many positive Pug traits that an owner will gladly tell you about but, perhaps, loyalty is the one that comes to their mind first. It does seem like this adorable breed of dog was put on earth to be the best friend and companion an owner could ever have. They seem happiest when they are with people and love to be considered one of the family. In a Pug’s mind they are. It is perfectly natural for them to follow their owner around and to be a companion no matter what the activity.

If you’re looking for a loyal friend you have found one in your Pug. Going back thousands of years to ancient China, their history is pretty clear. They will attach themselves to their owner and spend their life trying to please that person. Most dogs will greet their owner at the door when they arrive home. A Pug will go absolutely crazy and literally run around in circles with excitement. If you want to feel loved and appreciated, get a Pug.

There are many other Pug traits that we describe elsewhere in this site. Almost all of them are very positive. They are loving and adorable little dogs that are very friendly to their own inner circle. They are protective and don’t tolerate strangers easily. Careful socialization methods as a part of your training program are required if you don’t want your Pug barking endlessly when a stranger enters your home. With some patience a Pug can learn to adapt in a variety of situations. One of the things they like best is to please their owner and they thrive on love and affection. If you leverage that need training can actually be a very productive exercise and many owners state that it has strengthened their bond with their Pug.

Not all Pug traits are positive. One thing you should be aware of before you get a Pug is that they are notorious shedders. There is no question that Pugs shed a lot. For most owners that is something they accept and they just get a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. For other people it can actually be a deal breaker and it keeps them from the pleasure of the company of these furry and adorable, fun loving creatures.

The physical traits of the Pug are carefully documented if you have a pure bred Pug. The American Kennel Club is the keeper of the Pug traits that you want to look for if a true pedigree Pug is what you want. Keep in mind that there are pet quality Pugs as well as show quality Pugs. It’s not a question of which one is better, although you’ll pay significantly more for the show quality Pug. It really is a question of what type of dog is best for you. If you have no interest in entering your Pug into competition it may not make sense to spend the extra money. You may indeed be very happy with a pet quality Pug.

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