Show Pugs

All Pugs are adorable but Show Pugs are a very distinct type of dog and represent the Breed standards in very specific areas. The Pug Breed has very precise standards as set by the American Kennel Club. For some owners, especially those who want to enter their Pug into conformity events, adherence to these standards is very important.

If you’re an owner who is considering this as an activity for your Pug, you should make sure that your Pug does indeed represent the qualities and characteristics that are expected in Show Pugs. You may have an adorable little dog but a professional breeder of dog judge may determine that your dog is only of “pet quality”. That does not make any less of a dog or any less lovable. It just means that for one reason or another your Pug has a technical fault that will never allow him to do well in competition. Perhaps his trace (the line down his back) is not perfect or his tail is straight (it’s supposed to curve). These are things that judges look for and could be things that will keep your Pug from being a Champion. It is best to find that out before investing any time and money into training your dog for an event. This is not an inexpensive hobby.

Just as there are precise standards for the Pug Breed there are careful controls that govern recognized shows. The rules for these shows are set by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The AKC sanctions over 10,000 dog events every year with about a third of them being dog shows. Dogs are entered by Breed and each dog in that Breed competes for the Best in Breed title. There is a Best in Show, the most coveted title, that all of the Best in Breed winners are considered for. Any show that is sanctioned by the American Kennel Club has championship point values set based upon the number of entrants. A win can carry an award from one to five points as long as there is competition present. A dog can be recognized as a Champion when he attains a total of 15 points and has achieved at least two major wins under two different judges.

Show Pugs need to models of good behavior. Not only have to be top quality in appearance but they need to know how to maintain flawless behavior in all kinds of situations. There are dog trainers who specialize in getting dogs ready for conformity events which is the term that is applied to dog shows. This can be an expensive hobby. You will definitely want to go to a couple of dog shows as an observer first to see if this is something that you will want to pursue and to see if it is something that will be suitable for your particular Pug. As we said before, not all Pugs are Show Pugs. There is a specific set of qualities that are required and that judgement is best left to an expert. If your Pug did not come with full pedigree papers you probably should not even consider the possibility that you should try to make him a Show Pug. That does not mean, however, that you can’t enter other events with your Pug. There are obedience and agility events that you can enter and getting your Pug ready for these events can be a great hobby.

Here's A Great Simulation Game!

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