Small Dog Breeds: Pugs are one of the Cutest Members!

There are many small dog breeds and one misconception is that the Toy Dog Group, as defined by the American Kennel Club, contains all of the dogs considered small. A small dog can actually be found in any group. For many owners, getting a smaller dog makes a lot of sense especially if they do not have a large house or yard. Smaller dogs are generally easier to control. If companionship is what you’re looking for a small dog may be the perfect answer. One of the cutest and most lovable members of the small dog breeds is the Pug. They are known for their companionship and loyalty to their owner. In fact, this has been verified through the hundreds of years of history for this breed. Pugs are natural companions and are very social dogs. Although they like to interact with other dogs they seem to like human companionship the best. It is one of the most distinctive traits of this breed.

If your interest is in showing your dog, Pugs are also a great choice among the small dog breeds. Pugs are trainable and do very well in dog shows. They are also a popular breed for other competitive activities. A Pug will do almost anything to please their owner and, depending on the particular dog, don’t mind getting dressed up or posing for pictures. They seem to know how attractive they are. It’s almost impossible to walk down the street with your Pug and not have someone comment on how cute or attractive your dog is. They have a very distinctive gait and an almost regal bearing.

Are they perfect? There are many Pug owners who, indeed, believe they have found the perfect dog. But there is one trait you should be aware of before becoming a Pug owner and that is the amount of shedding that they do. If that’s going to be a problem you should probably consider a different member of the small dog breeds.

Most Pug owners will say that the shedding is a small price to pay for the constant love and companionship their little friend gives them. If you have a void in your life and are looking for a friend who will give you their undying loyalty and love you almost can’t do better than a Pug!

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