Pugs are one of the cutest Toy Dogs

Toy Dogs is the name of a dog group recognized by the American Kennel Club consisting of twenty one different breeds. The most popular ones are the Chihuahua, Maltese, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle and the Yorkshire Terrier. But, we think, the cutest breed is the Pug. It is also one of the most popular especially in urban areas where space is a premium and smaller dogs in general are more popular. Pugs consistently rank in the top ten breeds in cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia and just about any other city you can name. In Portland, Oregon Pugs are in the top 5 ranking in terms of popularity.

Why are Pugs so popular? Like all Toy Dogs, they’re small so anyone looking for a small dog will certainly consider a Pug. They are also extremely cute. In fact, they are downright adorable! Their expressive face and distinct look make them a very attractive dog. Take your Pug out for a walk and you will almost always be stopped by someone who comments on the attractiveness of your companion.

Another reason Pugs are so popular is their personality. They make great companions. They are fiercely loyal to their owners and love nothing better to enjoy being around people. Although they are social with other dogs, Pugs actually seem to prefer human companionship. They are one of the oldest breeds and their love of human companionship is one of the most common threads in the history of this breed.

Toy Dogs compete in their own group in dog shows and Pugs do well in competition. They have won the coveted Best in Show award on more than one occasion in the world famous Westminster Show that is held each year in New York. Pugs are trainable and are a favorite of judges. They have almost a regal bearing about them and are known for their “jaunty” walk.

Pugs are quite comical and love being the center of attention as any owner will attest to. Do you like dressing your dog in cute outfits? Depending on the particular dog, many Pugs are quite happy to wear a hat, sweater or bow tie. More than getting dressed up though, Pugs love to eat! You wouldn’t think a dog this small (they shouldn’t weigh more than twenty pounds or so) would be this hungry all the time. But many Pug owners agree that this little guy can seem to be starving all the time. They are the largest member of the Toy Dogs group and one of the health problems they are prone to is obesity. Pug owners have to be very careful to avoid letting their furry little friend put on to much weight.

If you’re looking for a companion you almost can’t do better than a Pug. Pugs are happiest in the company of humans rather than in a situation where they are left alone for long periods of time. Their small size makes them ideal for seniors and even children as long as the child is gentle with the dog. One of the things that make this dog so cute is their face which is accented by their prominent eyes. Pugs are susceptible to eye injuries so some care must be taken in handling the dog as well as the environment that he is in.

If you’re considering Pug ownership please tour this site. You’ll find a lot of useful information about this adorable breed of dog.

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