Do Free Pug Puppies Exist?

Free Pug puppies are the dream of every prospective Pug owner. Pugs usually bring a premium price and it’s very common to find the price of a Pug from a highly prized litter to approach a thousand dollars or more. A truly prized Pug will come with a very distinctive pedigree and be the product of a breeder who has invested a lot of money to build their business. It is very costly and truly reputable breeders are extremely careful about how often they breed their dogs. Pugs are usually in the top 20 breeds in terms of popularity so they are very much in demand especially in urban areas.

More common are Pugs in the $250 to $700 price range. Although they are definitely pure bred they may not have quite the lineage of the top Pug breeders. With prices that high, how can you possibly find a Pug for free? Admittedly, it’s very difficult but you can increase your chances of success by following a couple of very logical steps.

The first is to visit all of the animal shelters in your area. Expand that area to include anything that is in driving distance. Certainly you don’t want to ship your Pug home. That would be very costly. But certainly any shelter within a two to three hour drive should be looked into. For the furthest places you obviously should call first.

Let the shelter know what you are interested in. They will probably tell you that they have a long list of people waiting. That’s okay. Get on the waiting list. Call back every six weeks or so to make sure you’re still on the list. That will tell them that you are serious. Strange things happen when you’re on a list. It’s not unheard of that people lose their interest, change their phone number of can’t be contacted for one reason or another. Suddenly, being fifth on the list might turn into being the first person they actually get in touch with and you could find yourself the proud owner of a Pug.

The second thing to do in your quest for Free Pug Puppies is to research any Rescue Groups in your area. hese are wonderful organizations of people dedicated to finding suitable homes for Pugs who have had leave their homes. They indeed are a rescue group for mistreated, lost or hurt Pugs who need to be placed in a loving home. They may need special attention and may not be physically perfect but you will be performing a wonderful service. Be warned that there will probably be a fee but it will be substantially lower than buying a Pug from a breeder or pet store.

The third possibility is to visit some Pug breeders in your area. Don’t expect to be welcomed with open arms when you announce that you are looking for free Pug Puppies. After all, if everyone could find a free Pug puppy they wouldn’t have a business. But most breeders are not doing it for the money. Most of them love Pugs and have turned this passion into a spare income. You could find a breeder who might understand your situation and will be a contact to have. Don’t expect them to offer you one of their next litter for free or even a discount but what they can do is keep you in mind as a person who would really like to have a Pug in their life.

Not all Pug adoptions work out and many times an owner goes back to where they got their Pug to find a way to get their dog into a loving home. Usually the priority will be on finding a suitable home rather than recouping their price. That will be good news for you. The thing that will really work in your favor is that the need has come up suddenly and action has to be taken quickly. When that happens your odds of finding a free Pug puppy significantly increases. There could be a number of reasons for this such as a change in residence or employment where a Pug no longer fits into their lifestyle. The birth of a child or discovery of an unknown allergy can also create a situation where they need to find a home for their friend. While free Pug puppies are not the norm, situations like this can create ideal circumstances for you.

One word of advice is that if you do find a Pug through any of the circumstances described above, you make a trip to a veterinarian your first priority. There are certain conditions in any dog that could turn your “free” find into a medical liability. If you do find the Pug of your dreams, congratulations! You are getting a friend and companion for life. Pugs love nothing better than to be the center of attention of their loving owner! Good luck!

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