Not All Pug Breeders Are Created Equal

Pug Breeders come in all shapes and sizes. Some are, indeed, the Pug Mills described in the previous section. But many are well run operations with people who really care about what they do and who take care of the puppies as if they were their own. This is an important purchase and it is not uncommon for a pure bred Pug puppy to carry a price tag of $1,000 - $1,500 or perhaps more. You should visit your breeder. If they’re good they will encourage you to do so. You should also be very familiar with the characteristics of the Pug Breed. Many Pug breeders operate out of their backyard. This usually is not ideal. They do it to make a little extra money and they take care of the dogs because they represent an income. Although most are a more informed choice than the dreaded puppy mill, you can do better. Certainly follow the same guidelines mentioned in the pet store section. Research the breeder with the Better Business Bureau and see if what kind of reputation they have with the local vet.

The breeders who put their dogs in shows are usually the most serious and highest quality breeder out there. They are sometimes referred to as Show Breeders or Professional Breeders or even hobby breeders. They would be doing this anyway even if they weren’t making money at it. The pricing here can vary greatly. You can get an absolute bargain because the people are doing because they love to do it or you can pay absolute top dollar because you will be getting a high quality Pug.

In all cases you want to make a personal visit and see where your future Pug has been brought up. Ask questions. Soon you’ll be able to get a sense of what kind of home your little Pug is coming from.

When talking to a breeder, have some questions ready.

Questions to ask Pug Breeders.

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