Pug Dog Breeders

Let The Buyer Beware!

Pug dog breeders come in all shapes and sizes and the best advice we can give you here is to do your research completely. The quality of the breeders range from those who are outstanding contributors to the Pug breed to those who, quite literally, should be put in jail. We will guide you through the types of breeders there are and how to find they type of breeder you’re looking for.

The first type of Pug dog breeder is the Show Breeder or the Professional breeder. There are dog breeders of this type for any of the top breeds. These dogs have been carefully bred and the breeders can give you complete information about the dogs lineage. These breeders are very particular about who they breed their dogs with and some have been known to fly across the country if there is a particular dog that they want their dog to mate with. They are very concerned with improving the breed and adhering to breed standards set by the American Kennel Club. You will not see these types of Pug dog breeders advertise. They are not in this for the money. They usually show their Pugs and belong to one or more kennel clubs. Their offspring are meant for show and many times they keep the best puppies for themselves. You will find out about these breeders only through word of mouth and generally there is a waiting list to get one of their prized dogs. As you might expect, you will pay a premium for this dog. Although the puppy will come fully guaranteed, many times a breeder such as this will not let their puppy go to a new owner before 12 weeks and some wait 16. They will have as many questions for you as you do for them! They will not let one of their beautiful little Pugs go to just anyone.

If that type of breeder is slightly intimidating for you, you may want to consider someone from the second type of breeder group: the Pet breeder. This type of Pug dog breeder is very reputable and is interested in giving you a quality Pug who is healthy. Generally, these types of breeders love their dogs and supplement their income by practicing healthy and controlled breeding that will produce a healthy dog that may look adorable but just won’t completely adhere to the standards of the breed. The untrained observer may not even notice that the trace (the line down the middle of the Pug’s back) is not quite dark enough or that the curl of the tail is just a little bit too loose. A quality breeder of this type usually has no trouble finding homes for their offspring. These are people who are willing to pay a few hundred dollars for a good looking, healthy Pug that will just not be of show quality. Their Pugs will not be cheap so you definitely want to check out their references and talk to previous customers. A good breeder will fully guarantee their dog and will have information about the lineage of the dog that you will be getting. You should get registration papers and a pedigree showing at least the last three generations. Many times this type of breeder owns both the sire and the dam. You should get a health record showing the vaccination history and, as we said before, a guarantee. The guarantee will vary from breeder to breeder but no reputable breeder will sell a dog when there’s evidence of a health problem such as hip dysplasia. You can’t expect a guarantee for the life of the dog but you should not expect to have your puppy get sick within two months of purchase. Read the guarantee carefully and pay attention to the expectations made on you such as veterinary care and food requirements. A good Pug dog breeders will encourage questions and practice full disclosure and make sure you understand all terms of the purchase and will want to make sure that the Pug will be going to a good home with a caring owner.

Again, with a reputable Pug dog breeder, don’t be surprised if they ask you questions as well. That’s a good thing. That’s a breeder who is placing the health and welfare of their Pug puppy ahead of the sale. That’s exactly the type of Pug dog breeder you want to find.

Unfortunately, there are some breeders who are in this only for the money. These are called commercial breeders and while there are some who try to operate healthy and clean operations, there are many who really don’t care about the dogs at all. They generally produce over bred, unhealthy dogs that are facing a life of problems unless they end up with a caring owner. These breeders are Pug factories that offer dogs at bargain prices and advertise all the time or have a steady business by working through pet stores or, worse, puppy brokers. We would discourage patronizing this type of breeder because it just perpetuates this horrible practice. Please don’t shop for a Pug by price alone. Yes, they are an adorable breed of dog and the price of a quality Pug puts this breed out of the reach of many people but by doing business with one of these dog mills you are doing more harm than good. If you want to do a good deed consider going to a Pug rescue group.

By finding a Pug through a rescue group you are saving a Pug and giving him a good home. These organizations are run by very dedicated volunteers and you can be sure that they have the Pug’s best interests at heart. You will meet some wonderful people who can be a great source of advice. They will charge a fee but it is to cover their expenses. You’ll be getting a fully vaccinated dog that has been examined by a veterinarian and you’ll be doing a wonderful deed. It doesn’t get better than that.

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