Pugs And Children

Is A Pug A Good Choice For A Child?

Pugs are friendly dogs but are Pugs and children a good mix? At first glance it may seem like a perfect match. Pugs are playful and friendly and love companionship. They will follow anyone around who shows them the slightest bit of attention. And children absolutely love dogs. So what possible problem could there be? Although there are things to consider, we do think that Pugs and children make a great pair. But, like we said, we're a little biased: we think everyone should have a Pug in their life! Let's just take a moment to list some of things to keep in mind when it comes to children.

One thing to consider is that a Pug is, in certain ways, a little on the delicate side. If you look at the facial structure, you’ll notice the eyes are prominent and stick out, becoming the first point of contact. Pugs are prone to eye injuries. Although they like to play and “rough house” like almost any other dog, extra care needs to be shown when playing with them. You need to be careful around the eyes and sometimes younger children will forget that.

Let’s face it, some children are a little bit rougher than others. You can tell how they’re going to be by the way they treat their own things. Pugs and children are a wonderful pairing for children who are either older or take very good care of what they are given. That is clearly something you’ll need to judge for yourself.

Another area of concern is for hot weather locations. Pugs are susceptible to breathing problems and this is compounded in hot weather. They need plenty of water and they need to avoid the excessive heat. This shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Everyone should learn not to exert themselves in the heat. You should just be aware that this is not always a natural thing for children to keep in mind.

Diet should also be considered. A Pug will eat anything but that’s not a good thing with children. The child should know what the dog should and shouldn’t eat. You should also know that a Pug will tend to eat as often as you offer food to them. They are, in some respects, an eating machine and being overweight can be a problem for this breed.

On the positive side, a Pug can be a great playmate. Although a dog can never replace other children from a socialization perspective, a Pug can be a great companion. Pugs were made, it seems, to be a constant companion to their owner so Pugs and Children go together well. You don’t realize what that means until you’re around these dogs for a while. Other than eating (especially treats!) they are happiest when they are with “their people” and they favor those who show them constant attention. Children can do that. Pugs and children are a great mix when the child is gentle and loving.

The bottom line is: Pugs have a great personality!

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