The Toy Pug

Even Stuffed Ones Are Cute!

Pugs are sometimes referred to as a Toy Pug. This is probably because they are a member of the Toy Group of dogs as designated by the American Kennel Club. In fact, they are the largest member of that group. Pugs are adorable. They are cute, intelligent and make wonderful companions. Not surprisingly, they also make a rather cute stuffed animal. Now, we admit, nothing takes the place of a real Pug but, sadly, there are many people who can’t own a Pug or a dog of any kind. One of the biggest reasons is they are not home to care for the dog. That’s a very good reason not to own a Pug because Pugs crave companionship.

Another reason to not own a Pug might be allergies. In that case a real Pug is not an option but a Toy Pug or stuffed Pug might be a suitable alternative. Children love stuffed animals. If your child has fallen in love with a neighbor’s or relative’s Pug and you choose not to become an owner, a stuffed Pug could work out very well for you. Real Pugs make great companions and, for a child, a stuffed animal may be a great friend as well. Why not make that stuffed animal a Toy Pug?

While we have no statistics on how popular stuffed Pugs are, we know that real Pugs are quite popular especially in urban areas. Pugs consistently rank in the top 20 Most Popular Breeds and frequently make the top 10 in cities or large urban areas. Pugs love being the center of attention and it’s quite likely that a stuffed Pug will become the center of attention for your child.

A stuffed or toy Pug will have certain advantages over a real one. They won’t bark or beg for food and you don’t have to take them for a walk. On the other hand, they won’t follow you around like you’re their best friend and the most amazing creature ever to walk the earth. Real Pugs are known to do that. The good news is that, if you get a stuffed Pug for your child, you may be pleasantly surprised at how amused your child will be with the stuffed version. Some people have reported that a friendship actually does form between the two. And it’s always interesting to hear the name your child comes up with whether it’s a real Pug or a toy Pug. We are well aware that there is just no substitute for a real Pug but, if that is just not an option, and your child has fallen in love with this incredibly cute breed of dog, you might want to consider a stuffed version of the Pug.

Pugs are adorable in real life, why wouldn't they make adorable toys?

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